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August 21, 2017 is going to be a very interesting day. Many of us are anxiously waiting to view the first total solar eclipse since 1979, and it will be right in our area. Others are dreading the chaos and thoughts of traffic coming to a near standstill. Although Blackfoot will not quite be in the zone of “total” eclipse (totality), we will have over a 95% eclipse (weather permitting). North of Blackfoot the eclipse will be total from just south of Shelley, to just north of Ashton. Hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected to

come to Idaho to view the eclipse, so be prepared.

Since this is a once in a lifetime event for most of us, it is worth the effort and time to view it. It will start in Oregon and move across the country to South Carolina. In Idaho the center line of the eclipse will start in western Idaho near Weiser, move across past Stanely, Mackay, Terreton, Thornton, and then between Victor and Driggs. In our area it will start round 10:14 am., max out at 11:33, and end at 12:57.

We all know that we should never stare at the sun, as the intense light will burn the retina and cause vision loss. Solar eclipse viewing increases the risk of this happening and we need to take precautions.

Special eclipse viewing disposable sunglasses are available, that are so dark that you can view the sun with them (and not much else). We do offer a free pair for our patients. When you come in for your eye exam, we will give you a pair. Even welding shields are not dark enough, unless they are #14.

Full Solar Eclipse During Corona Free Solar Eclipse Glasses

When the moon blocks our view of the sun it will be dark enough that we should be able to see some of the stars. If you are in an area where there is a TOTAL eclipse it is possible to look at the eclipse without eclipse glasses during the brief time of totality. If you are at the center line of path of the eclipse this time will last for over 2 minutes. If you can still see any bright sun it is not safe to view without eclipse glasses. The further away from the center line, the shorter the time. In Blackfoot it will never be safe to look at the eclipse without the special glasses because the sun will never be completely blocked by the moon. One way to tell if the eclipse is total is that the image with your eclipse glasses on will go completely dark.

During the totality period of the eclipse we will be able to see the corona waves emitting from the hidden sun. Amazing. We should enjoy this interesting and exciting event, but we should do it safely. Parents will have to carefully supervise their children.

Google “ NASA 2017 eclipse” for a wealth of information on the eclipse.

Free solar eclipse glasses when you come in for for your eye exam.

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